Monday, December 14, 2009

Lieds Childrens Museum presents Winter Holiday - Hanukkah

Lieds Childrens Museum presents Winter Holiday - Hanukkah

Learn all about the traditions of this holiday and why it is such a special time in the Jewish Community.

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The Lieds Childrens Museum is a great place to take kids from crawling to school age. Lieds has recently changed their entrance location, if you've been befor it is now located where the public eating area was. This means that the only eating area is in a hallway with 2 vending machines. But they do at least have 3-4 large round tables with chairs to sit at. We always pack our lunch and this area has worked out fine for us, even when busy!

If you plan a few days in advance you can call ahead to see if any schools will be there for a fieldtrip. Otherwise, I suggest going around 11am. The fieldtrip kids tend to break for lunch at 11:30 or just plainly leave. There is a section just for kids 5 and under, even a non-walkers area for your crawler!

Entrance Fee:
Adults $8
Children 1 and up $7

We have the membership since we go at least once a month.

There is a limit cap of six persons allowed on this membership
$55 for two family members (1 Adult & 1 Child)
$60 for three family members
$65 for four family members
and so on....

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