Wednesday, December 9, 2009

3rd Annual Santa’s Arrival Parade @ Town Square!

Woohoo! A parade and Santa - it doesn't get any better then that! As usual with Town Square events, the place was packed. The twins we're so excited to see Christmas - everything with lights right now is called Christmas. I put our 7 month old in the bjorn and zipped up my REI (I LOVE this jacket, have had it for 8 years now - worth every penny!) lined jacked. The parking lot was filled of cars yet the people were all in great moods. It felt a little odd doing this before thanksgiving but the kids didn't notice! The parade was fun for the girls to watch - dad had them BOTH on his shoulders. I have no idea how he did that, 2 three year old girls get heavy! Santa even had the mic and said some fun Christmas things - our baby was crying so I really wasn't paying attention but the looks on my girls faces was priceless. At the end the artificial snow began to fall. We'll definitely do this again next year!

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