Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lieds Childrens Museum Little Builders Review

We just got back from visiting the Lieds Museum's new exhibit Little Builders. My girls LOVED it! We arrived around 11am to miss the schools - they seem to leave for lunch around 11am so the crowd becomes far more manageable after then. There are tons of interactive exhibits that allow for exploration and learning. I've attached some photos since my description is giving this exhibit no justice.

For those who have yet to experience the Lieds Museum, don't let the price discourage you. We bought the family membership for our family of 4 (our youngest is under 1 so she isn't counted yet) for $65. If you plan on going 3 times within the year, its paid for itself. We go twice a month so I feel like it was definitely worth it. There's a staff member in every area and we've only had great experiences.

They have a stage area stocked with girls and boys dress-up clothes. They can strut their stuff on a large stage in front of bleacher seats while the parents take photos of them working the curtains and dancing.
The water area has been great in letting my daughters manipulate water flow without being soaked through and through (Springs Preserve play area clothing changes are coming to mind).
The bubble area, airplane, under 5 area with a new craft every day are also huge hits. In the under 5 area there is an area for just non-walking babies. The staff is great about making sure it stays that way.

Upstairs is for the 5 and older group, however my girls have loved it up there since they were 2! We all enjoy the shadow maker wall, the pulley chair, and the tornado wind box. We have yet to go into the karaoke room and would really like to keep it that way. These exhibits change now and then but the ones I just mentioned are always far. The crafts for the 5 and older are up there too as well as a craft you can pay for that is in a separate room. They do science experiment shows as well.

*The museum has a new entrance where their eating area used to be.
*The upstairs bathrooms do not have a changing station.

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